The first round is complete at Players Championship 16 in Barnsley with yesterday’s champion Glen Durrant falling at the first hurdle in his pursuit of a double and as well as that, Simon Whitlock, Ian White and Joe Cullen have also lost out.

Durrant was defeated by the dangerous Tytus Kanik who himself has had a good run of form as of late. Whitlock ended up losing out to Zoran Lerchbacher in a close tie between the pair.
White lost out to Nathan Rafferty who continues from Saturday where he was one of the standout players only losing out in the latter stages.
Michael van Gerwen who despite being smashed by Glen Durrant yesterday will remain the favourite for the title today and he started his quest with a 6-3 win over Mark Webster with a 104.2 average.
Corey Cadby, Dave Chisnall and Adrian Lewis as well made their way safely through to the second round as the action continues at the Barnsley Metrodome.
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First round

104.2van Gerwen, Michael63Webster, Mark95.5
91.7Lewis, Jamie64Wilkinson, Carl84
94.8Burton, Stephen65Anderson, Kyle87.9
102.8Thornton, Robert63Derry, Nathan94.7
89.4Ratajski, Krzysztof63Monk, Arron84.6
84.5Norris, Alan62Clemens , Gabriel83.8
99.2De Zwaan, Jeffrey65Michael, John89.4
90.7Harrington, Ryan61Askew, Jason80.5
97.3Clayton, Jonny65Clark, Matt91.8
99.2Boulton, Andy61North, Richard91
101.1Mansell, Mickey63Wilson, James94.8
86Petersen, Devon64Zonneveld, Niels85.4
100.4Beaton, Steve63Kuivenhoven, Maik96.9
97.7Huybrechts, Kim64Baker, Scott85.2
99.2Dobey, Chris62Van Baelen, Davy89.1
92.7Cadby, Corey62Huybrechts, Ronny80.6
87.1Chisnall, Dave64van Barneveld, Raymond88.5
97.1Kist, Christian64Meulenkamp, Ron88.9
91.2Payne, Josh65Johnson, Darren84.1
82.6Dekker, Jan64Meeuwisse, Yordi90
84.4Brooks, Bradley65Webster, Darren88
94.2Hunt, Adam64Dudbridge, Mark92
96.4Noppert, Danny63Prins, Dave94.4
82.8Robinson, Reece64Carlin, Gavin89.1
91.6Lewis, Adrian65Carroll, Shaun85.5
92Tabern, Alan60Whitehead, Conan80.6
91.5O’Connor, William65Joyce, Ryan88.7
89.8van Duijvenbode, Dirk62Dootson, Eddie86.9
90.3Wattimena, Jermaine64van Duivenbode, Mike85.3
90.6Pipe, Justin62Burness, Kevin79.2
105.2Hopp, Max62McGeeney, Mark93.7
88.8van de Pas, Benito65Justicia, Jose88.2
92.7Rafferty, Nathan65White, Ian94.6
81.3Killington, George62Van den Bergh, Dimitri77.4
90Gray, Adrian63Searle, Ryan89.4
84.9Edhouse, Ritchie64Gilding, Andrew86.1
91.4Aspinall, Nathan64Pallett, David86.3
99.4Rodriguez, Rowby-John62Owen, Robert95.3
94.2Evetts, Ted63King, Mervyn99
90.7Klaasen, Jelle64Todd, Mick86.2
94.1Razma, Madars63Cullen, Joe93.8
91.9Ward, Harry63Kamphuis, Vincent84.5
93.2Richardson, James65Brown, Keegan93.5
92.6Meikle, Ryan65Hughes, Jamie95.8
103.3Smith, Michael64Murnan, Joe96
86.2Murschell, Dawson62Stevenson, Simon92.3
91.9Woodhouse, Luke63West, Steve91.5
83.7Van der Meer, Vincent64Bates, Barrie80.3
90Evans, Ricky63Kantele, Marko81.4
92.3Taylor, Scott64Reyes, Cristo95.6
99Smith, Ross63Labanauskas, Darius92.1
93.1Lennon, Steve63Jones, Wayne89.3
89.2Lerchbacher, Zoran63Whitlock, Simon92.5
87.9Worsley, Jonathan63Bunse, Christian93.5
97Henderson, John60Temple, Terry75.1
89.2Alcinas, Toni65Newell, Tony83.1
99.1Wright, Peter60Edgar, Matthew91.1
91.8Atkins (Leeds), Martin63Dolan, Brendan92.1
88.8van der Voort, Vincent62Eastwood, Gary84.3
100.7Schindler, Martin65Robbe, Mario94.5
88.3Shepherd, Kirk64Bunting, Stephen86.9
97.4De Sousa, Jose61Wilson, Mark84.4
87.9Kanik, Tytus64Durrant, Glen92.5
85.8Nentjes, Geert65Hudson, Peter84.5

Author: Samuel Gill