The BDO World Trophy begins on Wednesday at Preston Guildhall and ticket sales have been reported as only 196 as of the 23rd of May. This is bad news for the tournament which had dwlindling numbers last year as well when staged in Barry.

The figures were given by a member of the forum, The Stars of Darts (TSOD). The most alarming of which comes on the Sunday session where only 22 tickets in all with 8 for afternoon and 15 for the concluding session of the BDO World Trophy have been sold.
The most of which have been sold for the Thursday session where 49 in all, 21 more than the last figures released have been reported as being sold.
The lack of ticket sales is due to lack of interest, poor advertising and the PDC World Cup of Darts being held in the same weekend.
Buy tickets for the tournament starting on Wednesday here.
Ticket sales as of 23rd May
Wednesday – 36 (+13)
Thursday – 49 (+21)
Friday – 21 (+1)
Saturday aft – 19 (+1)
Saturday eve – 48 (+1)
Sunday aft – 8 (+1)
Sunday eve – 15 (+1)
TOTAL – 196 (+39)


Author: Samuel Gill