The field for the German Darts Grand Prix this weekend has been completed. The final qualifiers were confirmed on Friday evening with the last two qualifying events.

Michael Rasztovits and Diogo Portela came through the Associate Member Qualifier. Portela beat Christian Kallinger 6-0 in the final round, while Rasztovits edged out Christoff van de Wal.
Jyhan Artut, Dragutin Horvat and Kevin Munch were among the five German winners. Michael Hurtz and Marko Puls also booked their place for this European Tour event.
Click here to see the draw for the German Darts Grand Prix.

Associate Member Qualifier

Final round

82.5Rasztovits, Michael65Van De Wal, Christoff72.6
82.0Portela, Diogo60Kallinger, Christian67.4

Last eight

76.5Van De Wal, Christoff65Micheletti, Andrea72.4
93.9Rasztovits, Michael63Schnier, Hannes86.7
69.3Kallinger, Christian63Schiertz, Felix65.9
82.3Portela, Diogo61Slivan, Joe78.3

Home Nation Qualifier

Final round

87.4Hurtz, Michael63Luksch, Thomas78.9
82.5Munch, Kevin65Bilderl, Manfred83.9
83.3Puls, Marko61Drobick, Gino71.7
89.6Horvat, Dragutin62Tautfest, Erik84.6
79.0Artut, Jyhan62Wehder, Marvin83.1

Last 20

84.6Luksch, Thomas63Wenig, Lukas84.1
85.8Hurtz, Michael64Herz, Fabian79.8
86.0Munch, Kevin64Hempel, Florian87.7
88.3Bilderl, Manfred62Pohl, Sebastian85.7
66.6Drobick, Gino62Ploetz, Tobias65.3
96.1Puls, Marko62Graudenz, Jochen87.7
89.5Tautfest, Erik62Kniest, Jens79.3
87.9Horvat, Dragutin65Eidams, Rene90.6
75.1Wehder, Marvin64Di Sante, Daniel78.6
75.1Artut, Jyhan63Berndt, Rene74.7

Author: Pieter