Next week the PDC Summer Series takes place followed by the World Matchplay, for Gerwyn Price, he is ready for it and is also gunning for a long term goal to come true.

Price spoke ahead of the Summer Series and wants to take Michael van Gerwen‘s position as World Number One and believes he can become as dominant as the World Number One.

In terms of next week also, ‘The Iceman’ doesn’t think we will see a lot of surprises in terms of the winners: “You always get surprises but I think you will see the usual boys get towards the end of tournaments. I’ve been practising harder than ever and I’m ready. I just think everybody is going to hit the ground running and be in top gear after the first game,” said Price.

“I’m still pretty new when you compare me to other players. But I’ve got a hell of a lot more inside me. I played well in the Grand Slam last year, decent in the Worlds.”

“I’ve got more inside and if I can bring that out over the next three, four, five years, then I think I can get to No.1.

And hopefully, I can be as dominant as Michael (van Gerwen) over the past few years. I truly believe I can be.”

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Author: Samuel Gill