Gerwyn Price seems to have single-handedly sparked a revamp of PDC disciplinary rules.

The Iceman’s antics at the Grand Slam of Darts turned him into the sport’s current anti-hero. It certainly caught the eye of the DRA. Darts’ disciplinary body levied an unprecedented £21,500 worth of fines against Price. There will now be a brand new set of rules introduced, including guidelines on player behaviour. Price isn’t the first player to blur the lines between enthusiasm and gamesmanship. But, speaking to Sporting Life, he couldn’t help but feel personally persecuted.
“A £21,500 fine says I’m not allowed to celebrate! What do I do? I can’t celebrate now so I’ll have to play my B Game now like in the Masters – that was a player who wasn’t me,” Price complained.
“I have to learn a whole game and a different me so it’s going to be tough over the next few months but I’ll come out of the end of it stronger.”

“It’s a bit late now”

Over-emphatic celebrations have riled the likes of Gary Anderson and Simon Whitlock. Michael Smith has recently suggested that Price could face retribution from the players he has previously annoyed. It’s not fellow players that Price feels any bitterness towards, but the DRA, who he feels have been reactive rather than proactive.
“Everyone has their own opinion about me and they’re entitled to it. But I come across differently on TV perhaps. I am who I am – I’m not a cheat, I’m not trying to put anyone off. I’m up there to perform the best of my ability and I’ll do what I can to make myself perform well,” he rebutted.
“But I think some parts of that have been taken away from me, which is unfair and I’m having to play my B Game now for the rest of the season.
“If I’m not allowed to do certain things then it should have been in the rules early on but they weren’t. Now they are, but it’s a bit late now.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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Author: Ed McCosh