Gerwyn Price and Krzysztof Ratajski faced off in the final of Players Championship 27 yesterday which saw a final full of needle where Price had to mount a comeback after being so far ahead.

Price said that basically he is frustrated that he is giving players so many chances especially when he is playing well and it is something he needs to address.

He also spoke about the tension between him and Ratajski and admitted they don’t see eye to eye and that he doesn’t believe in fist bumps in deciding legs as he is of course hoping the player plays rubbish in that final leg.

‘Three, four games today I was in the same situation where I was four or five legs in front. Early on I could of gone out as well. I have no worries I got in front and am playing really well and I’m giving them too many chances,’ said Price.

‘We don’t meet eye to eye. He plays his game, I play mine and I’m not going to fist bump him to wish him all the best in the final leg. I hope he plays rubbish.’

‘I should have won that game easy and it was the same with a couple of other games early on today and I scraped over the line.

‘I’ve won but it gives me no confidence at all. I need to be more clinical and finish off games like that.’

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Author: Samuel Gill