The next BDO related event is the Open Antwerp which takes place this weekend with ranking points up for grabs in the pursuit of a Lakeside place.

Winner of the men’s tournament at the Open Antwerp claims 1500 euros with 750 euros going to the runner up for getting to the final.

Prize money is handed out from the last 64 ranging from 25 euros up to the 1500 euros for the win.

In terms of the ladies tournament, the winner claims 750 euros with prize money available from a round more than the men at the last 32 stage.

Click here for more information on the tournament including entries.

Men’s tournament
Winner: 1500 euros
Runner-up: 750 euros
Semi-finals: 400 euros
Quarter-finals: 200 euros
Losers last 16: 75 euros
Last 32: 40 euros
Last 64: 25 euros

Ladies tournament
Winner: 750 euros
Runner-up: 400 euros
Semi-finals: 200 euros
Quarter-finals: 75 euros
Last 16: 35 euros
Last 32: 20 euros

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Author: Samuel Gill