The DPA Pro Tour concluded this past weekend in Brisbane with Mark Smyth and Tim Pusey winning the final two titles of the season.

Smyth won the first event of the weekend defeating the likes of Raymond Smith, Rob Modra and finally James Bailey in the final.
Pusey who impressed on the World Series saw off Raymond Hannah, Gordon Mathers and finally Robbie King.
This was after Raymond Smith claimed the World Championship spot previously due to him finishing top of the Order of Merit.
DPA Harrows Pro Tour
Event 17, Brisbane
Rob Modra 6-1 Steve Duke Jnr
Mark Smyth 6-3 Raymond Smith
James Bailey 6-3 Stuart Leach
Gordon Mathers 6-4 Mike Bonser
Mark Smyth 6-2 Rob Modra
James Bailey 6-4 Gordon Mathers
Mark Smyth 6-4 James Bailey
Event 18, Brisbane
Robbie King 6-4 Nick Kanefake
Mike Bonser 6-2 Mick Lacey
Gordon-Glen Mathers 6-3 Brendan McCausland
Tim Pusey 6-2 Raymond Hannah
Robbie King 6-1 Mike Bonser
Tim Pusey 6-5 Gordon-Glen Mathers
Tim Pusey 6-4 Robbie King

Photosport NZ/PDC

Photo: Photosport NZ/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill