The race to the 2020 BDO World Championship continues ahead of the World Trophy which begins at the weekend and today we take a look at the tentative qualifiers.

In tables compiled by Darts PPR, Wesley Harms is still far and away the number one seed; with Richard Veenstra at 316 points in second.

Dave Parletti and Jim Williams are locked in third place with 290 points each; with Wayne Warren and Martijn Kleermaker just behind with 282 and 278 points.

Further down, Francis Carragher, Sebastian Steyer and Martin Adams are the last tentative qualifiers. Steyer in particular will have the chance to add to his points total in Blackburn; to put himself further into contention.

At the moment regional wise, Justin Thompson, Andreas Harrysson, Paul Hogan; as well as David Cameron, Gabriel Pascaru, Darren Herewini, Joe Chaney and Thibault Tricole are the current regional qualifiers.


Author: Samuel Gill