Ten players will qualify from the first ever European Q-School. With one day left, we don’t yet know the identity of most of them.

Jeffrey de Zwaan, Mario Robbe and Tytus Kanik have all claimed Tour Cards in Hildesheim. One more player will take an automatic spot, while six will earn a place on the tour through the European Q-School Order of Merit. As it stands, there are three frontrunners. Danny Noppert picked up five points on Thursday for reaching the semi-finals, and has picked up five since to accumulate ten points. Robert Marijanovic, a two-time quarter-finalist, has racked up the same. Also on ten is Dirk van Duijvenbode, Thursday’s losing finalist.

Following that group is Saturday’s losing finalist, Jose Antonio Justicia Perales. The Spaniard has eight points. Also on eight are Rusty-Jake Rodriguez, Davy van Baelen and Marko Kantele. In the current standings, van Baelen is ahead of Kantele, and it’s all down to countback.

If multiple players are on the same number of points, they are separated by their most recent performance. In the event that they still cannot be separated, the next most recent performance is used, and so on. Should we have the situation that they have reached the same stage in every round, then it goes down to legs won and leg difference. For instance, Michael Hurtz and Rene Eidams have put in identical performances so far. Should they do the same again, and be in the running for a Tour Card, all their individual performances would then be scrutinised. With a lot of players chasing the current leading pack, day four at Hildesheim is going to be tense.

The European Q-School will play down to a winner on each day, to give four automatic Tour Cards. The remaining players earning ranking points. Ranking points are awarded with one point per win from rounds where there are no Byes onwards.

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EU Q-School Order of Merit 2018:

PosNameDay 1Day 2Day 3 Day 4Total
1Danny Noppert52310
2Robert Marijanovic44210
3Dirk van Duijvenbode63110
4Jose Antonio Justicia Perales268
5Rusty-Jake Rodriguez1258
6Davy van Baelen358
7Marko Kantele2248
8Michele Turetta2428
9Thomas Junghans2147
10Michael Rasztovits437
11Stefan Nilles3317
12Brian Raman347
13Ricardo Pietreczko1236
14Steffen Siepmann2226
15Krzysztof Ratajski4116
16Frantisek Humpula66
17René Berndt145
18Diogo Portela235
19Michael van Dijk1135
20Nico Blum1135
21Ryan de Vreede325
22Jesus Noguera Perea325
23Vincent Kamphuis325
24Michael Hurtz1315
25René Eidams1315
26Mike Holz55
27Kim Viljanen415
28Gabriel Clemens55
29Tobias Hoentsch44
30Mats Gies224
31Kevin Münch1124
32Davyd Venken224
33Gabriel Rollo314
34Ulf Ceder44
35Melvin de Fijter224
36Jochen Graudenz314
37Yordi Meeuwisse33
38Jerry Hendriks33
39Bernd Roith123
40Eddy Merlijn123
41Jyhan Artut123
42Maik Kuivenhoven123
43Daniel Sprudzs213
44Dennis Nilsson1113
45Jose Henrique Pinto De Sena1113
46Mareno Michels1113
47Wim Hofsink1113
48Dennis Verhaegen213
49Alan Ljubic213
50Fabian Herz213
51Michael Plooy213
52Leo Hendriks123
53Geert Nentjes33
54Michael Stoeten33
55Ricardo Fernandez Carballo123
56Heikki Hyvonen213
57Veniamin Symeonidis213
58Michael Rosenauer33
59Marko Puls33
60Noah Janz22
61Holger Rettig22
62Olaf Tupuschis22
63Christoff Van De Wal112
64Mick Hasse112
65Chris Iedema112
66Michael Haeusler22
67Jean-Marc Luetolf22
68Kenny Neyens22
69Baran Ozdemir22
70Boris Koltsov112
71Ingo Vogt112
72Stefan Taferner112
73Radoslaw Szaganski112
74Dragutin Horvat22
75Tobias Ploetz22
76Tomas Seyler22
77Arjan Konterman11
78Felix Krueger11
79Pascal Wirotius11
80Christian Goedl11
81Fabian Freitag11
82Andrea Micheletti11
83Sascha Hertrich11
84Jeffrey Bekema11
85Manfred Bilderl11
86Gerd Patzel11
87Stefan Taferner11
88Jorgen Aerts11
89Peter Martin11
90Roxy-James Rodriguez11
91Angelos Moulangelis11
92Christian Goedel11
93Andrea Micheletti11
94Luis Camacho11
95Marcel Gugger11
96Erik Schmeitz11
97David Rosi11
98Berry van Peer11
99Armin Glanzer11
100Wilco Vermeulen11
101Tobias Mueller11
102Helge Gross11
103Christian Kallinger11
104Florian Flickinger11
105Kai Gotthardt11
106Henry Smit11
107Garunakumar Murugappar Markandu11
108Nandor Bezzeg11
109Hannes Schnier11
110Michal Smejda11
111Fons Hardeman11
112Duvaan Ata11


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