With just one day of Q-School action left, things are hotting up in Wigan.

Six players have earned Tour Cards so far at UK Q-School qualifying, and two more automatic spots are up for grabs. The other 15 are available through the Q-School Order of Merit. With hundreds of players potentially in the mix, competition is fierce. Currently, Nathan Aspinall is best placed. The 26-year old has appeared in a semi-final and a quarter-final, but only reached the last 128 on Saturday. Just behind Aspinall are Ross Smith and Ryan Harrington, who have both reached a quarter-final this week. They are on 11 and 10 points respectively.
Just ahead of the chasing pack on nine points are Darren Beveridge and Ryan Murray. Youngsters Callan Rydz and Dawson Murschell are in a five-way tie for sixth place, on eight points. As it stands, they will receive a card through the Order of Merit. After them are ten players who are all on seven points. Lee Evans, David Pallett, Cameron Menzies, Trevor Burkhill and Luke Woodhouse are in line to take the final spots. Simon Stevenson, Peter Hudson, John Mann, Ken MacNeil and Steven Kirkby would just miss out.
Countback is the all-important word in case of a tie. If two players are on the same number of points on Sunday evening, the player who went the furthest on day four will win. If they made the same run, it would go down to performances on day three. Countback continues until day one. If the pair have achieved identical results all week, legs won and leg difference would be the tiebreakers.
The last two players from each UK Qualifying School event secure automatic PDC Tour Cards, with remaining players earning ranking points. Ranking points are awarded with one point per win from rounds where there are no Byes onwards.
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UK Q-School Order of Merit 2018:
1. Nathan Aspinall – ENG – 12 points
2. Ross Smith – ENG – 11 points
3. Ryan Harrington – ENG – 10 points
4. Darren Beveridge – SCO – 9 points
4. Ryan Murray – SCO – 9 points
Eight points
6. Gary Eastwood – ENG
6. Dawson Murschell – CAN
6. Mark Wilson – ENG
6. Mike Norton – ENG
6. Callan Rydz – ENB
Seven points
11. Lee Evans – ENG
11. David Pallett – ENG
11. Cameron Menzies – SCO
11. Trevor Burkhill – ENG
11. Luke Woodhouse – ENG
—————————————————— (behind on countback)
11. Simon Stevenson – ENG
11. Peter Hudson – ENG
11. John Mann – ENG
11. Ken MacNeil – CAN
11. Steven Kirkby – ENG
Six points
21. Lewis Pride – ENG
21. Ryan Meikle – ENG
21. Rees Hall – ENG
21. Terry Temple – ENG
21. Jarred Cole – ENG
21. Matt Padgett – ENG
21. Paul Dawkins – ENG
21. Philip Borthwick – ENG
21. Ryan Joyce – ENG
21. Tony Newell – ENG
21. Michael Dawson – ENG
21. Nathan Rafferty – NIR
Five points
34. Scott Dale – ENG
34. Matthew Edgar – ENG
34. Paul Milford – ENG
34. Brian Woods – ENG
34. Nicholas Bell – ENG
34 .Chris Ware – ENG
34. Kevin Burness – NIR
34. Jim Walker – SCO
34. Richie Corner – ENG
34. Bradley Brooks – ENG
34. Martyn Turner – ENG
34. Lee Turle – ENG
34. Dave Prins – ENG
34. Rhys Griffin – WAL
34. Jonathan Worsley – WAL
34. Shane O’Connor – ENG
34. Jamie Hughes – ENG
34. Warrick Scheffer – RSA
34. Simon Preston – ENG
34. Carl Wilkinson – ENG
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