Krzysztof Ratajski eased through to the second round of action at the World Matchplay after seeing off Darren Webster in a 10-5 win with ‘The Polish Eagle’ soaring to an expected victory.

Ratajski spoke afterwards and said that it was a great moment to win and that he hopes he can battle the nerves next time around and play better in the next round. He also spoke about the venue and called it amazing and as a result for him to win on this stage is great.

“It’s a great moment and I’m really happy that I won,” said Ratajski. “To win my first match is big for me and I hope I can play better in the next round because I was very nervous today.

“The venue is amazing, the most beautiful I’ve played in. It’s a big tournament so to win on this stage is great.”

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Author: Samuel Gill