Russ Bray is arguably the most recognisable referee in the darting world. Known as ‘The Voice’, his dulcet tones have echoed through many venues ran by the PDC for years. How long though can fans expect the 63-year-old to continue though?

Around him, more and more experienced players, such as Phil Taylor and Raymond van Barneveld, are retiring and young players are taking their places. Young talents such as Huw Ware and Kirk Bevins have also come through in the referee world.

“I am a realist. There are indeed many talents coming through and there is also thirteen years between me and George Noble. I am the old boy now,” said Bray to RTL7.

Despite all the developments, if it were up to Bray, we don’t have to say goodbye to him anytime soon.

“I think I have a few more years to go. But we’ll see how it goes. Every time they hire me again, that’s a good sign,” says The Voice. “It will be about three years.”


Author: Samuel Gill