The Last 16 line-up is confirmed at the 2020 PDC European Q-School as the first Tour Card holder of this year’s event is getting closer to being revealed.

As has been the usual all day, the big names have got through to the latter stages for the most part unscathed. One of those players is Wesley Harms who defeated Chris Landman in a 5-3 win to move through.

His compatriot Martijn Kleermaker also continues his run on debut easing past Zdravko Antunovic 5-2. There wasn’t such luck though for Mario Vandenbogaerde who is out of the tournament.

He led 3-0 against three time soft tip World Champion, Boris Krcmar but fluffed his lines and this allowed the Croatian back into proceedings and to take it in a decider after Vandenbogaerde produced a costly bust handing it on a plate to him.

Other players that are out include Zoran Lerchbacher who lost out to Harald Leitinger, Boris Koltsov who lost to Dragutin Horvat and Robert Marijanovic who was defeated with ease by Karel Sedlacek.

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Last 32
Brian Raman 5 | 1 Fabian Herz
Tytus Kanik 5 | 0 Mitchell Von Schukkmann
Wesley Plaisier 5 | 3 Lukas Wenig
Franz Roetzsch 5 | 3 Kevin Munch
Thomas Junghans 5 | 4 Pero Ljubic
Kay Smeets 5 | 1 Christopher Haensch
Harald Leitinger 5 | 4 Zoran Lerchbacher
Wesley Harms 5 | 3 Chris Landman
Jeffrey De Graaf 5 | 2 Owen Roelofs
Karel Sedlacek 5 | 1 Robert Marijanovic
Dragutin Horvat 5 | 3 Boris Koltsov
Boris Krcmar 5 | 4 Mario Vandenbogaerde
Martijn Kleermaker 5 | 2 Zdravko Antunovic
Thibault Tricole 5 | 3 Jimmy Hendriks
Tonny Veenhof 5 | 4 Mike De Decker
Derk Telnekens 5 | 2 Armando Slotboom


Author: Samuel Gill