We are getting closer to this finish line on Day Two at the 2020 European Q-School with victories for the likes of Martijn Kleermaker, Thibaut Tricole and Ronny Huybrechts who are all into the Last 16.

Despite that though it was the performance of Krzysztof Kciuk who averaged 109 en route to seeing off Cody Harris 5-1 that was the main one to look out for.

‘The Thumb’ has established himself as a solid player through his European Tour appearances but off today’s performances could join Krzysztof Ratajski on the tour.

The likes of Michael Unterbuchner, Karel Sedlacek and Dennis Nilsson are all through with both sections of the draw compared to yesterday loaded with big names despite Richard Veenstra, Berry van Peer and Jeffrey de Graaf all heading out.

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Last 32
Kevin Doets 5 | 3 Richard Veenstra
Thibault Tricole 5 | 2 Zdravko Antunovic
Martijn Kleermaker 5 | 1 Sebastian Bialecki
Mike De Decker 5 | 0 Wouter Vaes
Danny van Trijp 5 | 2 Kevin Munch
Daniel Larsson 5 | 4 Jeffrey Sparidaans
Ronny Huybrechts 5 | 1 Richard van Zijtveld
Justin van Tergouw 5 | 4 Andrew Beeton
Jose Marques 4 | 5 Rene Berndt
Jeffrey Van Egdom 5 | 2 Berry van Peer
Karel Sedlacek 5 | 4 Wessel Nijman
Dennis Nilsson 5 | 4 Derk Telnekes
Krzysztof Kciuk 5 | 1 Cody Harris
Michael Unterbuchner 5 | 3 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Ondrej Kysilka 5 | 4 Gabriel Pascaru
Dirk van Duijvenbode 5 | 4 Jeffrey De Graaf


Author: Samuel Gill