The Quarter-Final line-up is confirmed at 2020 PDC UK Q-School with the likes of Keane Barry, Adam Hunt and Scott Waites all still in the running for Tour Cards.

Hunt has already won his but gave Lisa Ashton a lifeline by defeating Steve Hine in a 5-4 win and as long as there is at least one different new winner from the field that’s left such as Keane Barry and Scott Waites who can’t reach her position in the Order of Merit, she will win a Tour Card.

Waites continued his impressive form today edging past Connor Scutt in a 5-3 victory and next up is ‘The Hunter’ with a final place in sight.

Scott Taylor like Waites didn’t play yesterday due to a registration error on Taylor’s part but he is making the most of his last opportunity with a 5-3 victory over Alexander Morrison to reach the latter stages.

Matthew Dennant is as well with ‘The Scholar’ who famously this time last year missed multiple match darts against Glen Durrant also through ending the hopes of Wes Newton in the process.

Nick Kenny has also been playing well all day and a 94 average ended the hopes of Ashton’s nearest rival Darren Penhall. It is all hotting up at Robin Park Tennis Centre, who will win the remaining Tour Cards?

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Last 16
Wayne Jones 5 | 4 Thomas Lovely
Scott Taylor 5 | 3 Alexander Morrison
Stephen Burton 5 | 0 Darren Johnson
Nick Kenny 5 | 3 Darren Penhall
Matthew Dennant 5 | 0 Wes Newton
Keane Barry 5 | 1 Graham Usher
Connor Scutt 3 | 5 Scott Waites
Adam Hunt 5 | 4 Steve Hine


Author: Samuel Gill