Ricky Evans did the unexpected at the Dutch Darts Championship – he brought Baby Shark to the PDC European Tour.

The viral sensation had yet to make it into the darting world. But thanks to the man formerly known as ‘Rapid’, the Dutch Darts Championship premiered the Korean children’s hit. The Maastricht crowd heard plenty of it too, as Evans charged to the final before an 8-5 loss to Ian White. After reaching his first PDC stage final, Evans explained the story behind the walk-on switch – and admitted that it may have to become a regular fixture.

“The week before, in Hildesheim, I made a bet with a couple of mates that if I won I would wear a naughty shirt, and of course I won so I wore the naughty shirt,” he said in an interview with Live Darts.

“This weekend, they said: “What are you going to do?” so I said I’ll walk on to Baby Shark, Pen Pineapple or something stupid like that.

“It’s just me, I’m a larger than life character, I won, so I had to do it.

“The feedback’s been brilliant – I might have to stick with it now!

“I don’t mind it and the crowd loved it, so who knows, it could be ‘Rapid’ no more and be ‘Baby Shark’.”

Asked by Live Darts about his hopes on the oche, Evans exuded his typical confidence. For him, victory is the main aim.

“I was having a good year before last weekend but that has meant I’m pretty much in everything now,” he said.

“Fingers crossed, I should be in every TV event. I know I can beat anybody, it’s just doing it on stage.

“If I can get my floor game onto the stage then I can probably win these tournaments.”

Kelly Deckers/PDC Europe

Photo: Kelly Deckers/PDC Europe

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Author: Ed McCosh