The tournaments on the European Tour are following each other now week after week. A few days ago the German Darts Grand Prix in Munich took place and Friday we the German Darts Open will start at 12:00 hours.

Again all the best players are there in Saarbrucken for the German Darts Open (Road to Ally Pally). And with the short format (best of 11 legs),  and the darts players getting better and better, we can not exclude anybody to get to the finals on Sunday. In Munich last weekend, we saw 7 seeded players get eliminated in the second round.
If you know your Darts and have a good idea who will be the best players in Saarbrucken, then join the Fantasy German Darts Open Road to Ally Pally at Zweeler!!

What exactly does that mean “The Road to Ally Pally”?

There are 29 qualifiers in 2019 where you can win a ticket (66 tickets in total) for the End Game of the Road to Ally Pally. The prize pool of the End Game is 6,000 Euro with a 1st prize of 2,500 euros. All tickets have a value of at least 25 euro!
The fee for the Fantasy German Darts Open (RtAP) 2019 will be 1 euro per team and there will be 1 ticket to win for the End Game of the Road to Ally Pally. One ticket entitles you to make one team in the End Game of the Road to Ally Pally.
The game starts on Friday 26 April 2019 at 13:00 hours CET. You have a budget of 67 million euro to buy 8 darts players of which you think are going to win the most points.
So besides a full weekend of entertainment for only 1 euro, you are attempting to win a unique ticket. It is not easy, but playing this Fantasy game for that one euro is already worth it.

Values Darts players Fantasy German Darts Open:

1 Gerwen, Michael van 25 mln.
2 Cross, Rob 20,4 mln.
3 Price, Gerwyn 15,3 mln.
4 Gurney, Daryl 14,5 mln.
5 Wade, James 14,1 mln.
6 Lewis, Adrian 12,8 mln.
7 Suljovic, Mensur 11,4 mln.
8 Whitlock, Simon 10,2 mln.
9 White, Ian 9 mln.
10 Hopp, Max 8,1 mln.
11 Wright, Peter 7,8 mln.
12 Smith, Michael 7,7 mln.
13 Clayton, Jonny 7,5 mln.
14 Chisnall, Dave 7,1 mln.
15 Cullen, Joe 6,6 mln.
16 Aspinall, Nathan 6,2 mln.
17 Zwaan, Jeffrey de 5,8 mln.
18 Bergh, Dimitri Van den 5,3 mln.
19 Humphries, Luke 5 mln.
20 Dobey, Chris 4,9 mln.
21 Barneveld, Raymond van 4,5 mln.
22 Webster, Darren 4,2 mln.
23 Hughes, Jamie 4,1 mln.
24 Lennon, Steve 4 mln.
25 Evetts, Ted 3,6 mln.
26 West, Steve 3,5 mln.
27 Bunting, Stephen 3,3 mln.
28 Beaton, Steve 3,2 mln.
29 Anderson, Kyle 3 mln.
30 Wilson, James 2,8 mln.
31 Clemens, Gabriel 2,6 mln.
32 Henderson, John 2,5 mln.
33 Dolan, Brendan 2,1 mln.
34 Richardson, James 2 mln.
35 Pallett, Dave 1,7 mln.
36 Mansell, Mickey 1,6 mln.
37 Jones, Wayne 1,5 mln.
38 Shepherd, Kirk 1,5 mln.
39 Kamphuis, Vincent 1,4 mln.
40 Meer, Vincent van der 1,3 mln.
41 Jirkal, Pavel 1,2 mln.
42 Nilsson, Dennis 1,2 mln.

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Author: Andre Liliomos