Rob Cross recently caught up with to do an interview at the Target Launch a few weeks ago and this is the second part of a two-part interview we did with the player known as ‘Voltage’ who has shocked the darting world with his rise up the rankings as of late. Click here for part 1!
Firstly we spoke to Rob about whether every player should go down the route of the Challenge Tour and Development Tour before Q-School and he gave us this answer
“It depends really, with me I never played BDO so my first taste of it was as a Riley’s Amateur Qualifier at the UK Open so I think for me, the Challenge Tour helped me greatly because not only did I come into a place that was workable they are all great players on there but I was learning how to win and I think it can ease you in, it gave me great confidence when I won that and it gave me a great platform to work off just like the UK (Open) did at the start of the year. For other players the Challenge and Development tour are good as it gives you a taster of how the days are run, how things work and it opens your eyes”
We then spoke about Rob’s success over the past few months and asked him how he would sum it up so far
“I’ve been good, I’ve spent all year learning about the pressures of the stage and stuff like that and I’m starting to feel more confident now. A lot of people say I look comfortable on the stage when I play and even at the start of the year, maybe you don’t feel that way but going with what I’ve done I think I can better it I really do. There’s still more progress really that I think I’ve got in me and I really think I’ll be better in the coming future.”
Lawrence Lustig/PDC
Finally we asked him what he believes he needs to do in order to reach his potential after showing so much promise so far on the tour
“It’s one of them really, the experience I think I lack in my game. I think for example when I played Adrian (Lewis) at the Matchplay, he’s played up there loads of times, he knows what to expect. I think you go in there thinking I am going to throw everything at it but my average wasn’t enough. It’s just how to hold yourself like with your celebrations that you give it too much and it can come back flat and you learn about yourself all the time and how you are under pressure. I think”

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Author: Samuel Gill