Dartsnews.com recently caught up with multiple new winners in the PDC including Max Hopp and Wessel Nijman, today we have an interview with Rob Hewson. A player who recently won his first Development Tour title.

In this short interview, we speak about that win, his brother Sam who previously played at Lakeside as well as who inspired him and his ambitions for the future.
1. Thanks for your time Rob, first of all how did you get into darts growing up??
I got into darts when I was about 14, my dad played for our local pub and I always enjoyed watching darts on the tele growing up, so I asked him if I could play and it went on from there.
2. Staying on the theme of getting into darts growing up, who would you say inspired you, was it the likes of Phil Taylor or was it somebody different??
My favourite darts player growing up watching tele was always Mark Dudbridge. I loved his character ‘flash’ I wanted to grow up to be like him. Making the world finals and taking part in the Premier League.
3. The main reason for the interview is due to you recently winning a Development Tour title for the first time at the third event of the year, how was that to claim that and would you say you had a feeling you were going to have a run like that??
I played well in the first 2 development tours so I told myself, keep playing the way you are and it’ll come and once you start winning more games, your confidence grows and you feel like you can beat anyone. I was absolutely over the moon to win it, it still feels a bit surreal.
4. Your brother is of course Sam Hewson well known for his match with Ted Hankey and appearing at Lakeside, have you two always been competitive with your darts would you say and is Sam playing alongside you on the Development Tour this year??
Me and Sam are both competitive. We’re both known locally for our competitiveness towards each other however Sam has recently taken a step back with darts, playing more for fun than competitive tournaments. He’s now too old for the development tour.
5. One of your other main achievements is hitting a 9-darter in a Euro Tour qualifier vs Jamie Caven, would you say that ranks near the top of your achievements in darts and how did it feel when the last dart went in??
Hitting the 9 darter against Jamie was special. I’d only ever hit 9 darters in practice so to get one on the PDC was amazing, it also got me an invite to the PDC awards night, which again was a special moment in my life. Jamie had some very nice words to say to me after the game also.
6. Finally to end the interview off what would you say are your ambitions for the rest of the year??
I don’t really set myself any targets in darts, I’ll just keep practising, keep working hard and see where it gets me. Hopefully this win gives me a lift for the rest of the season and hopefully I can get a tour card.
Interview conducted by Samuel Gill, writer for Dartsnews.com

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Author: Samuel Gill