We have our first winner of the Development Tour this weekend with Rowby-John Rodriguez claiming the fifth event in Hildesheim. ‘Little John’, a tour card holder in his own right and a well known player whitewashed fellow tour card holder George Killington in the final.

It is a second triumph for the Austrian who claimed a title in 2015 to go alongside a Challenge Tour he won in 2013. Rodriguez defeated Josh McCarthy and Tommy Wilson as well as the Dutch prospect Justin van Tergouw before taking out Killington in the final.
The likes of Dimitri van den Bergh, Ryan Meikle, Martin Schindler and Luke Humphries all made the latter stages but could not go further . As alluded to previously, Van den Bergh is playing only a day removed from being a runner up on the World Series.
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Last 16
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 4 | 2 Dimitri Van den Bergh
George Killington 4 | 0 Lars Fransen
Ryan Meikle 4 | 3 Martin Schindler
Sven Groen 4 | 2 Harry Ward
Rhys Hayden 4 | 2 Luke Humphries
Justin van Tergouw 4 | 3 Hendrik Eggermann
Tommy Wilson 4 | 0 Jarred Cole
Rowby-John Rodriguez 4 | 2 Josh McCarthy
Last Eight
George Killington 5 | 3 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Ryan Meikle 5 | 2 Sven Groen
Justin van Tergouw 5 | 2 Rhys Hayden
Rowby-John Rodriguez 5 | 2 Tommy Wilson
Last Four
George Killington 5 | 3 Ryan Meikle
Rowby-John Rodriguez 5 | 3 Justin van Tergouw
Rowby-John Rodriguez 5 | 0 George Killington

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Author: Samuel Gill