The line-up for the last 16 round at the second PDC Development Tour event has been confirmed.

Young stars such as Jeffrey de Zwaan, Luke Humphries, Callan Rydz and Bradley Brooks are still in the tournament. The best performance so far came from Keane Barry who nearly averaged 110 to beat Owen Roelofs.

Wigan hosts the first of five weekends to be held in this year’s PDC Development Tour, which will each feature four £10,000 tournaments for players aged 16-23. The likes of Jeffrey de Zwaan, Ted Evetts, Luke Humphries, Bradley Brooks, Mike de Decker and Dawson Murschell entered these events.

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Last 32
Marvin van Velzen 4-1 Killian Heffernan
Wessel Nijman 4-1 Sebastian Pohl
Thomas Lovely 4-2 Jack Main
Callan Rydz 4-1 David Carr
Jeffrey de Zwaan 4-3 Henk Snijder
Lewis Pride 4-0 Benjamin Smith
Bradley Brooks 4-1 Charlie Symons
Nathan Rafferty 4-1 Andy Kent
Rhys Griffin 4-0 Berry van Peer
Aiden Cope 4-3 Zak Cross
Luke Humphries 4-3 Geert Nentjes
Matthew Holbrook 4-2 Nicolai Rasmussen
Ciaran Teehan 4-1 Adam Paxton
Barry Keane 4-0 Owen Roelofs
Hywel Manuel 4-1 Luke Colwill
Kevin Doets 4-2 Ross Gilder Jnr

Last 16
Marvin van Velzen v Wessel Nijman
Thomas Lovely v Callan Rydz
Jeffrey de Zwaan v Lewis Pride
Bradley Brooks v Nathan Rafferty
Rhys Griffin v Aiden Cope
Luke Humphries v Matthew Holbrook
Ciaran Teehan v Keane Barry
Hywel Manuel v Kevin Doets


Author: Kocik