The Quarter-Final line-up has been confirmed at PDC Development Tour 7 with the likes of Callan Rydz, Harry Ward, Geert Nentjes and Ryan Meikle still involved.

Rydz saw off William Borland 4-2 with a 91 average as the Newcastle ace continues his form as of late. He will face Ward who continues to show promise and continued that with a 4-0 win over Roman Benecky with a 97 average.
Meikle claimed a big win over another promising youngster in Nathan Rafferty. This was a 4-1 success with an 89 average as he averaged over ten points more than his opponent.
Wigan hosts the second of five weekends in this year’s PDC Development Tour, which will each feature four £10,000 tournaments for players aged 16-23. The likes of Jeffrey de Zwaan, Luke Humphries, Bradley Brooks, Mike de Decker and Dawson Murschell have entered these events.
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Last 16

91.8Rydz, Callan42Borland, William77.6
97.0Ward, Harry40Benecky, Roman81.0
81.6Nentjes, Geert42Ritchie, Greg79.1
89.6Meikle, Ryan41Rafferty, Nathan76.7
78.3Lovely, Thomas43van Tergouw, Justin86.4
82.8Clark, Bradley42Colley, Reece80.5
68.9Davidson, Andrew41Cope, Aiden71.7
78.7Humphreys, Luke43Humphries, Luke88.0

Last 32

84.7Rydz, Callan40Teehan, Ciaran73.6
85.8Borland, William42De Decker, Mike89.5
88.9Ward, Harry42Cadby, Corey89.0
85.8Benecky, Roman42Beeton, James75.3
76.8Ritchie, Greg43Snijder, Henk85.5
94.6Nentjes, Geert43Smith, Justin87.7
82.5Rafferty, Nathan42Griffin, Rhys85.9
80.2Meikle, Ryan40van Duivenbode, Mike75.1
77.3Lovely, Thomas43Brooks, Bradley81.4
86.5van Tergouw, Justin42Lishman, Tommy83.7
88.6Colley, Reece43Barry, Keane90.0
85.8Clark, Bradley43van Peer, Berry103.2
79.1Davidson, Andrew42Rodriguez, Rusty-Jake79.2
86.3Cope, Aiden42van den Boogaard, Patrick74.9
80.8Humphreys, Luke43McGuirk, Shane85.5
89.7Humphries, Luke40Kay, Keelan79.9

Author: Samuel Gill