The Dutch Open concludes on Sunday at the Bonte Wever in Assen.

Five events come to a close on February 4. One has already been completed, with Vincent D’Hondt winning the first ever Paradarts Dutch Open tournament. The youth tournament starts and ends on the final day of play, with the girls’ and boys’ finals taking place on the stage. The women’s singles final sees Deta Hedman taking on home favourite Aileen de Graaf. In the women’s pairs, Lorraine Winstanley and Corinne Hammond will play the experienced English pair of Trina Gulliver and Paula Jacklin.

The men’s pairs final is an all-Dutch affair. Wesley Harms and Richard Veenstra are the favourites as they clash with Yoeri Duijster and Davy van de Zande. The men’s singles resume at the last 64 stage on the floor. The semi-finals and final will be played on the main stage at the Bonte Wever. Lakeside finalists Glen Durrant and Mark McGeeney play Andries Sterk and Andreas Harrysson respectively in the last 64. McGeeney will be under severe pressure from a large field to retain his Dutch Open title. Scott Mitchell, another of the hot favourites, plays Hungarian Pál Székely.

Sunday February 4th – 2018
08:30 – Doors open
10:00 – Start Youth Tournament
10:30 – Last 64 Men
12:00 – Doors open for crowd
12:30 – Start stage program

Stage program
12:30 – Opening presentation Richard Ashdown
12:45 – Final Ladies Pairs (best of 7 legs)
13:15 – Final Mens Pairs (best of 9 legs)
13:45 – 1st semi-final men (best of 3 sets, best of 5 legs)
14:15 – 2nd semi-final men (best of 3 sets, best of 5 legs)
14:45 – Final girls (best of 5 legs)
15:15 – Final boys under 14 (best of 5 legs)
15:45 – Final boys under 18 (best of 7 legs)
16:30 – Final ladies (best of 9 legs)
17:00 – Final men (best of 5 sets, best of 5 legs)

Men’s Singles
Last 64
Mark McGeeney – Andreas Harrysson
Shane Lowe – Jeffrey van Egdom
Jurgen Hoogvliet – Roger Janssen
Meinte Hibma – Jelko Zwart
Andy Baetens – Robin Smees
Rick de Boer – Tony O’Shea
Gino Vos – Vincent van Gemen
Sjoerd Nieuwhof – Scott Waites
Jim Williams – Henk Snijder
Jan Willem Bannink – Frans van der Weit
Daniel Day – Richard Huizinga
Marco Flach – Dean Reynolds
Geert de Vos – Tonny Veenhof
Patrick van den Boogaard – Darius Labanauskas
Wessel Nijman – Martin van Thiel
Stefaan Deprez – Ross Montgomery
Glen Durrant – Andries Sterk
Armando Slotboom – Carl Dennel
Rick Hofstra – Ferry van Veen
Marcel Snippe – Conan Whitehead
Simon Boiten – Hermen Willems
Danny Holt – Yoeri Duijster
Wouter Vaes – Leroy Zondervan
Jonny Nijs – Willem Mandigers
Richard “Flyers” Veenstra – Carlo van Cleef
Kevin de Vries – Andy Fordham
Chris Landman – Luuk Boeijink
Pim van Veenendaal – Martin Phillips
Jeffrey Sparidaans – Richard Veenstra (1977)
Martijn Kleermaker – Erik Jan Geelkerken
Ricardo Linssen – Marco van Vliet
Pál Székely – Scott Mitchell

Ladies final
Deta Hedman – Aileen de Graaf

Men’s Pairs final
Yoeri Duijster/Davy van de Zande – Wesley Harms/Richard Veenstra

Ladies Pairs final
Trina Gulliver/Paula Jacklin – Lorraine Winstanley/Corrine Hammond

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Author: Edward McCosh