The schedule for this year’s BDO World Trophy which gets underway on August 30 has been confirmed with the likes of BDO number one, Wesley Harms involved on the first night.

On the opening day, 32 players from the men’s draw will take part in first round in action. It all begins with Richard Veenstra who will take on Justin Thompson. Also in the opening session include the likes of Andy Hamilton facing current World Master, Adam Smith-Neale.

As well as Kyle McKinstry fresh off good form on the PDC Challenge Tour facing recent winner in Belgium, Nick Kenny. Like alluded to Harms will start his campaign against tough opposition in Paul Hogan to start the evening session.

Among the other clashes includes Wes Newton, who was recently announced as replacing the Asian Qualifier against Jim Williams as well as two of the most in-form players on the circuit ending it off in Dave Parletti and Martijn Kleermaker.

The ladies will take to the stage on Saturday with ties including defending champion Fallon Sherrock facing World Champion, Mikuru Suzuki; as well as Anastasia Dobromyslova against Sharon Prins and Lisa Ashton versus Corrine Hammond.

Interspersed with those matches will be the Last 16 action in the men’s with it all concluding on the Sunday at King George’s Hall in Blackburn.

Schedule BDO World Trophy 2019

Friday, August 30

12:00 Richard Veenstra v Justin Thompson
12:40 Wayne Warren v John Scott
13:20 Mario Vandenbogaerde v Brian Lokken
14:00 Ross Montgomery v Sebastian Steyer
14:40 Andy Hamilton v Adam Smith-Neale
15:20 Kyle McKinstry v Nick Kenny
16:00 Derk Telnekes v Scott Taylor
16:40 Gary Robson v Joe Chaney

18:00 Wesley Harms v Paul Hogan
18:40 Chris Landman v Mark McGrath
19:20 Willem Mandigers v Carl Hamilton
20:00 Scott Waites v Daniel Day
20:40 Scott Mitchell v Martin Adams
21:20 Michael Unterbuchner v Roger Janssen
22: 00 Jim Williams v Wes Newton
22:40 Dave Parletti v Martijn Kleermaker

Saturday, August 31

12:00 Anastasia Dobromyslova v Sharon Prins
12:30 Last 16 men
13:10 Trina Gulliver v Casey Gallagher
13:40 Last 16 men
14:20 Aileen de Graaf v Priscilla Steenbergen
14:50 Last 16 men
15:30 Fallon Sherrock v Mikuru Suzuki
16:00 Last 16 men

18:00 Lisa Ashton v Corrine Hammond
18:30 Last 16 men
19:10 Lorraine Winstanley v Kirsty Hutchinson
19:40 Last 16 men
20:20 Laura Turner v Paula Jacklin
20:50 Last 16 men
21:30 Deta Hedman v Maria O ‘Brien
22:00 Last 16 men

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC


Author: Samuel Gill