England are set to face Netherlands in the ladies and Scotland in the men as the Six Nations Cup rolls on in Selsey.

In the ladies, England’s team includes three of the best in the world in Fallon Sherrock, Lorraine Winstanley and Deta Hedman who made a brilliant start yesterday defeating Wales 8-1. Also among the games at the Six Nations Cup will see a big clash between Northern Ireland and Ireland in the men with Kyle McKinstry leading the line for Northern Ireland.

The final game will see the England team who made a good start themselves yesterday including Scott Mitchell and Mark McGeeney face Scotland.

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Saturday, June 23
11.00 | Group 1 – Netherlands v Northern Ireland (men)
11.15 | Group 2 – Netherlands v England (women)
13.15 | Group 1 – Ireland v Scotland (women)
14.15 | Group 1 – Northern Ireland v Ireland (men)
15.30 | Group 2 – Wales v Scotland (men)
16.45 | Group 1 – Ireland v Netherlands (men)
18.00 | Group 2 – Scotland v England (men)

You can watch the Six Nations Cup here.


Author: Samuel Gill