The seeded players of each group will play their first group matches at the Finder Darts Masters on Saturday afternoon. The likes of Danny Noppert, Martin Adams, Jamie Hughes, Scott Waites and Andy Fordham will enter the stage during this session.

Group  Player   Player   score
C Danny Noppert – Neth  (5) Cameron Menzies – Sco
YA Wessel Nijman – Neth Jarred Cole – Eng
B Ross Montgomery – Sco  (8) Rick Hofstra – Neth
LA Deta Hedman – Eng  (1) Marjolein Noijens – Neth
F Jamie Hughes – Eng (6) Wouter Vaes – Neth
YB Ramon Leferink – Neth Justin van Tergouw – Neth
G Martin Adams – Eng (7) Scott Waites – Eng
E Wesley Harms – Neth  (3) Dennie Olde Kalter – Neth
LB Aileen de Graaf – Neth  (2) Lorraine Winstanley – Eng
D Willem Mandigers -Neth  (4) Richard Veenstra – Neth
A Mark McGeeney – Eng  (1) Andy Fordham – Eng
H Geert De Vos  – Bel  (2) Glen Durrant – Eng


Author: Pieter