The Six Nations Cup begins today with the opening ceremony and the opening games including four ladies clashes to start the tournament off.

In terms of Scotland vs Wales in the first encounter, the stand out players are from the Welsh Six Nations Cup side with Rhian Griffiths and Rhian O’Sullivan taking part.

England vs Northern Ireland is next in the ladies following that with their team comprising Lorraine Winstanley, Fallon Sherrock and Deta Hedman who could be seen as the favourites not only in this clash but the tournament.

Wales will then play out a second group game against Republic of Ireland before Netherlands face Northern Ireland. The Dutch side are also among the strongest with Aileen De Graaf and Anca Zijlstra in their team.

Finally a clash between England and Wales on the men’s side ends the session. The England team comprising the likes of Mark McGeeney and Scott Mitchell alongside Dennis Harbour, Daniel Day and Nigel Heydon. Wales have two stand outs in their side in the form of Jim Williams and Nick Kenny who will hope to take the fight to England who alongside the female counterparts will probably be favourites.

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Friday 22nd June

11.00 | Start Six Nations Singles event
14.00 | Opening ceremony
15.30 | Group 1 – Scotland v Wales (Ladies)
16.30 | Group 2 – England v Northern Ireland (Ladies)
17.30 | Group 1 – Wales v Republic of Ireland (Ladies)
18.30 | Group 2 – Northern ireland v Netherlands (Ladies)
19.30 | Group 2 – England v Wales (Mens)


Author: Samuel Gill