Karel Sedlacek has set his sights on becoming the first Czech player to go full time on the PDC circuit he has revealed in a recent interview with Live Darts.

‘Evil Charlie’ said that from his perspective he can become much better; as well as that he is setting his sights on claiming a PDC Tour Card.
He believes it is also important to qualify for the PDC World Championship and that he hopes to experience the Alexandra Palace stage again.
“I think this is a big moment for my career, I think I can become much better. I want to get a PDC Tour Card because I missed by just one point earlier this year.
“I believe that being part of a proper management will help me achieve that, it’s a crucial part of my darts development.
“It is also important to me to qualify for the World Championship and do well. One of my greatest experiences was playing at the Alexandra Palace and I would like to do that a lot more.”

Darts in Czech Republic

Sedlacek went on to speak about darts in Czech Republic and he says it is experiencing a boom at the moment. They recently hosted a European Tour event and he said that he dreams of a Premier League night and for him to be a contender.
“Darts in the Czech Republic is getting bigger all the time, it is experiencing a boom I think.
“Of course I was very happy to hit the equal highest checkout in the World Cup this year but I was very sorry about the overall result. I expected us to beat Poland.
“But I have big ambitions to improve and I will. It would be a dream to get a Premier League night in Czech Republic and even more a dream for me to be a Contender on the night!”
Tobias Wenzel/PDC Europe

Photo: Tobias Wenzel/PDC Europe


Author: Samuel Gill