Fallon Sherrock will be practising more than most in the coming months with the Coronavirus pandemic due to being in the high risk group for it.

This is due to a kidney problem which began five years ago after the birth of her son, Rory and ow she has to drink a huge amount of water to offset this and to flush out her kidneys.

As a result, she hasn’t been able to really leave the house since it all began and with her son also at home it has meant more practice time for the ‘Queen of the Palace’ who rose to prominence at the recent PDC World Championship.

“I’ve been at home for nearly a couple of weeks since the situation started getting scary,” Sherrock said to Telegraph Sport. “Rory was told last Tuesday he could come out of school. He’d been off the week before as there were a few cases of hand, foot and mouth so we’ve been getting used to time at home.”

“It’s much different to his normal day,” Sherrock continued. “With his autism he’s used to routine. It’s not like that now but he’s adjusting to it and enjoying it at the moment.

“I’m in the high-risk category [for coronavirus],” she added. “If I’ve needed to go to the shops, I’ve sent my mum or sister. There was only one day where I had to go out. I was standing far away from other people, I had my scarf around my face, I looked really weird but I was so cautious.”

“He didn’t take an interest before the world championships,” Sherrock said. “But after I’d been on the TV over Christmas, and talking to his friends at school who had also been watching, he was then interested. Before that, I’d say to him, ‘Do you want to throw some darts?’ He’d look and say, ‘It’s too high’. Now he really wants to get into it.

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Author: Samuel Gill