Michael Smith has taken to Twitter to speak of his horror of his car being targeted by robbers this past week.

They didn’t gain access to his vehicle but as Smith explained his children were inside.
He spoke also of how his area has been targeted with multiple friends having robberies occur in the past few weeks.
Smith said on Twitter: “Anyone who lives in (the) Clock Face area keep safe as I’ve just had two utter scumbags try and rob my car with the kids in it while me and the Mrs were putting the bags in.
“Luckily I saw them running over the field and locked the car as they tried to jump into it.
“We were taking the bags in then coming back for the kids, I was literally 30 seconds, but I was still stood at my door which they didn’t realise because my security light went off.
“The kids were still in it as they was asleep.
“My friend had his house broken into down the road from me just an hour before mine, the neighbours car was also done.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC


Author: Samuel Gill