Michael Smith recently took part in Moneybarn’s Life Before Darts series in association with the PDC and he spoke about his life before darts.

Smith spoke about where he first started playing: “My mum and dad’s place, they had a pub so I used to play down there; I used to play at my aunties pub, my uncles pub. I grew up in pubs.”

For the St Helens ace, rugby is a massive sport for him and he played it growing up but he revealed that he hated the training side to it and also how an injury got him out of it and onto darts:

“I hated it because if you’ve seen me; I’m not built for running. I was the worst one.”

“I was on my bike messing about with my mates and I fell off my bike and broke my hip and I couldn’t play rugby. So my dad used to have a dartboard on the back of the front door, I think like four weeks in I hit my first 180.”


Author: Samuel Gill