Michael Smith has developed somewhat of a rivalry with Michael van Gerwen as of late and with both being the same age, he sees them as having years of competing with each other.

He also admits he needs to do a Usain Bolt and start winning more now that he’s made a World final in an interview with Sky Sports.
“He and Gary Anderson are the best two players but I just chip in every now and again,” Smith said. “[Me and Van Gerwen] are the same age, 29, so we’ve got another 20 years of competing against each other.
“I just hope he doesn’t get the better of me every time.”
“2018 was good but I want 2019 to be even better – and not to keep losing in the finals!
“Start winning. For five or six years I was crawling but I should have been walking. Now I need to start running, and do a Usain Bolt.”
“It’s that last jump. To make the final was a big achievement. I’ve still not sat down and thought about the World Championship final. To look at my trophy makes me a bit depressed.
“They made me touch the Premier League trophy for a photo shoot which I was a bit annoyed about, because I’ve jinxed it!”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC


Author: Samuel Gill