Michael Smith discussed his route to becoming a PDC World Youth Champion and what that did for his career during PDC Home Tour Group 28 last week.

Smith admitted that it wasn’t something he wanted, but in reality it was a game changer when it came to his career.

As well as after previous winners hadn’t achieved a lot, he wanted to go down a different path.

“I think I played in it three times and my first two times I just didn’t pay attention. It wasn’t for me type of thing, I wanted to be Phil Taylor I didn’t want to be a Youth Champion, I wanted to be the best,” said Smith.

“Then my last year I was speaking to my dad and was like I’m going to win this. It’s my last year I’ve got to do it, luckily enough on the day I only lost two legs to Adam Hunt. Then one leg in the final, pretty much eased it with a nine-darter as well.

It was massive for me because I won especially at the O2 as well, my first time in front of 15,000 I was twitching. I finally got through, it put me up on a platform I wanted.

It wasn’t the platform previous winners have had because they’re no longer tour card holders so I had to set up a different platform for myself.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill