As was revealed earlier this morning, the first day of PDC Summer Series has had its start time slightly adjusted but further delays are now set at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes.

The draw is now out for Players Championship 9 but it will now begin at 14:30 BST instead of 13:00. This is because similar to the initial adjustment, a number of players will now not receive their test result until at least 1100 BST.

As a result, the late start time gives full preparation time if all tests are received back at 11:00. Once all tests are completed, players are handed a wristband to roam the bubble so it should not be an issue after the first day.

Matthew Porter, Chief Executive of the PDC tweeted about it saying ‘around 40 players’ still have to receive their results and that ultimately nothing can be done to speed up the process: “Frustrating but out of our hands unfortunately.

The results are processed in batches by a machine and until all have been done we aren’t able to receive any of the results. We have around 40 players still to receive their results.”

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Author: Samuel Gill