Most clinical finishers in PDC on 15 most common checkouts analyzed

Over the past four and a half years, PDC statistician Christopher Kempf also known as Ochepedia has

Samuel Gill Thursday 25 June 2020

Top PDC Home Tour averages after first phase: Woodhouse, Robinson and De Sousa lead rankings

The first phase of the PDC Home Tour has been completed with the second part beginning on Tuesday

Samuel Gill Wednesday 20 May 2020

Statistics PDC Home Tour after 25 nights

The statistics have been updated by Premium Dart Data after 25 nights of the PDC Home Tour as we

Samuel Gill Tuesday 12 May 2020

PDC Home Tour statistics after fourteen nights including averages, 180’s and 100+ checkouts

The statistics in the PDC Home Tour have been updated after the tournament reached the two week

Samuel Gill Friday 1 May 2020

Players Championship Statistics: 180 and 100+ averages totals at same point for past three years surpassed

The past few years have seen the standard on the Players Championship massively improve and as a

Samuel Gill Friday 20 March 2020