The Six Nations Cup is starting today in Selsey with nations such as England, Scotland & Northern Ireland competing.

Each national darts organisation in the Six Nations Cup names a squad that’s consists of six men and four women, of which any five men and three women may play in any match, with one player on standby for each squad (for both the men and women).

The six nations are divided into two groups of three. The top two teams from each group advance to the semi finals. Prior to both semi finals and the final, a 5th/6th place play-off takes place between both groups bottom teams. The format is the same for both the men and women.

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Sunday’s schedule:

11.00 | Ladies – Northern Ireland v Ireland
11.45 | Men – Scotland v Ireland
12.45 | Semi-final ladies – Netherlands v Wales
13.30 | Semi-final ladies – England v Scotland
14.35 | Semi-finals gentlemen Northern Ireland v Wales
15.45 | Semi-finals men – Netherlands v England
17.00 | Ladies singles final – Fallon Sherrock v Robin Byrne
17.20 Men’s singles final – Richard Veenstra v Jim Williams
17.45 | Ladies Six Nations Cup final
18.30 | Gentlemen Six Nations Cup final
19.45 | Prize ceremony24

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Author: Samuel Gill