Ray Stubbs was one of the main focal points of the BBC’s BDO Lakeside World Championship coverage presenting for many years at the event and he recently spoke to the Golden Arrows podcast about the 2007 final between Martin Adams and Phill Nixon.

It was a match which saw Nixon trail 0-6 in sets at the interval but he pulled it back to take it to a decider against ‘Wolfie’ and he described the match.

“As the sets kept ticking by, there was the inevitably of Martin winning and then Phill who we all miss gets a set, gets another set. The formality of Martin winning was not making it the greatest spectacle on god’s earth in darts at that time but then the way it grew,” said Stubbs on the Golden Arrows series of the Inside the WDF Podcast.

“Phill wins a set, everyone is delighted that he has won a set because he’s not been whitewashed, then he gets another set, then he gets another set and you’re thinking great comeback well done Phill but it ain’t gonna go on is it. Then he comes back again, again and again.

I smile when I think back of Bobby George backstage. He has seen everything in darts was getting so excited and wound up and the fact the Bobby was getting so excited was infectious.

The atmosphere wow but around the country too, I remember looking afterwards about how the television audience was growing as the final went on. It suddenly started this momentum about wow this bloke was out of it now it’s coming back, you can write drama like that can you? It was just magical.”

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Author: Samuel Gill