Russ Bray

THROWBACK VIDEO: Russ Bray shouts 180 in 10 different languages

The voice of caller Russ Bray is known all over the darting world . Thanks to his distinct tones

Samuel Gill Friday 20 March 2020

VIDEO: Russ Bray takes part in new series of Tour Mates

Tour Mates continues with it’s latest episode with the series recently revived by the PDC seeing

Samuel Gill Wednesday 7 August 2019

VIDEO: Russ Bray tries to call ‘180’ in ten different languages

Russ Bray is known for having one of the most distinctive voices in darts and especially for his

Samuel Gill Wednesday 26 December 2018

VIDEO: Ask the Referee with Russ Bray as part of the Darts Show

As part of the Darts Show’s ‘Ask’ series where they use questions from Twitter to ask players and

Samuel Gill Thursday 14 June 2018

Russ Bray signs new Unicorn deal

How fantastic to have The One, The Only – “The Voice”, Mr Russ Bray come into Unicorn Global

Pieter Sunday 3 September 2017