Rumours have spread in the past few weeks about Leighton Bennett potentially competing in the Grand Slam of Darts at the age of 13; at the recent Target Sports Stars Fishing Championship, Managing Director Garry Plummer who sponsors ‘Boom Boom’ reacted to the news.

Plummer spoke about how grounded the 13-year old BDO World Youth Champion is; he also said it would be a great thing if he was to be included in the event in Wolverhampton.

‘I look at Leighton (Bennett) and people ask me is it too soon. He is such a grounded young man for his age; he is going to be 14 end of the year,’ said Plummer to LiveDarts.

‘He just loves darts and he just wants to win. That’s all he wants to do; I don’t think you can hold someone back like that,

‘I think it would be amazing if he goes and plays in the Grand Slam, he’s shown what he can do; he’s played Phil Taylor twice. Once at Power at the Tower which was massive for him; he stood that test great. He beat Phil at Frankfurt what can we say.’

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Author: Samuel Gill