With the World Matchplay on the horizon, who better to give his opinion on this year’s tournament than Phil Taylor, the 16x champion who now has the trophy named after him.

Taylor spoke about what the World Matchplay means to him and that he expects shocks during this year’s tournament.

“For me, the Matchplay was my favourite. It was a local venue for me, it’s only an hour up the road and I’ve got a holiday home there so I stayed in my own place, had my own practice board,” said Taylor on The Darts Show.

“I just loved the building, there was something about that building, The Winter Gardens is just unbelievable.”

“The main thing for me, the players have been practising at home but they haven’t had the match practice so when they get on that stage, they’re going to be nervous.

There’s no crowd so players can concentrate on what they’re doing so you will have lesser players that won’t be under as much pressure. People like Nathan Aspinall and Gerwyn Price, Gerwyn isn’t going to have the crowd booing him so he’s going to be able to stand there, concentrate and that’s when you’re going to see the best darts.”

“There will be definitely 100% be some shocks”


Photo: Proshots


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Author: Samuel Gill