Phil Taylor has weighed in with the DRA debate recently in an interview with LiveDarts.

For Taylor he sees it as Barry Hearn making more money as a result but he still fought the corner of Gerwyn Price.
He also urged the authority to not punish players for having a personality which includes both the Iceman and also James Wade.
“I don’t dislike it, it gets people talking,” Taylor told Live Darts.
“For any promoter, like Barry Hearn, the best thing is for anyone to be talking about darts.
“It’s not great for the player because they’re the ones getting fined, they get fined and Barry Hearn makes more money, that’s how it goes unfortunately.
“Gerwyn Price, for me, is doing exactly the same as everybody else, I don’t think he’s doing anything different.
“James [Wade] is James, he just plods along and gets on with it, he’s playing the best darts I’ve ever seen him play.
“You want them to have a personality so stop punishing them for having a personality.
“It’s great for the crowd, it’s great for the general public and great for people talking and writing about darts so leave them alone, let them get on with it.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill