Phil Taylor retired at the start of this year after a stellar career in the game as the undisputed king of darts. He lost to Rob Cross in the final of the World Championship before bowing out.

Taylor has spent a lot of his time doing exhibition work since and admits he doesn’t miss  playing professionally at all.
For him he sees his new work as not being as pressured and something he can enjoy more. ‘The Power’ sees darts as a sport now that you almost have to dedicate your life to or you can’t compete.
“I don’t miss it at all,” said Taylor, speaking exclusively to Live Darts. “I did it for so many years and I had to be so dedicated – I’m not dedicated now.
“I haven’t retired yet, I’m still working but I’m not under the pressure, I can enjoy it more now. I don’t get up in the morning and do what I used to do.
“I’m chilled out now, I practice maybe ten minutes a week. I could do with doing a little bit more but it’s very difficult to be dedicated year in, year out.
“It’s hard work and you have to dedicate your life to it, otherwise you can’t compete. I’m having at least four or five days a week off now and it’s lovely. I’ve got a bike which I do 20 or 30 miles a week on and it’s great.”


Author: Samuel Gill