Phil Taylor started his career like many in the BDO winning multiple World Championship titles and in a recent interview with LiveDarts he spoke about the state of the organisation.

Taylor said that he is very sad to see the BDO like it is currently; as well that Q-School shows that the times are changing with of course over 500 entrants for UK Q-School alone.

“Forget about the BDO now, the BDO were the breeding ground and I’m very sad to see the BDO not in a good place at the minute but the Q-School tells everything,” said Taylor to LiveDarts.

‘The Power’ also spoke about Wayne Warren becoming World Champion; he said that despite all of the issues surrounding them he is worthy of being one and that he fears there might only be one World Champion again in the future.

“He’s a worthy World Champion, what he did there was brilliant especially against Scott Mitchell. That semi-final there (at the BDO World Championship) was a tough game for both of them. Scott (Mitchell) text me, he’s going to improve now because he knows he’s not fit enough and to get fit enough, he’s got to watch his diet. The BDO, it’s a shame, they were the ones that brought the champions through. There was one champion with the BDO, not now but there might be in the future.”

On changing Van Gerwen manufacturers to Winmau, Taylor himself has previously done it (from Unicorn to Target); he believes that Mighty Mike will struggle.

“He’s going to struggle. It’s going to hit him 100 percent in the head, this is not the same darts and same set up. People think you’re a good dart player and you can throw with anything but you can’t throw consistently.”

The 16-time World Champion also put the rumours to bed of him returning to the sport by saying that he was going to attempt to play in the UK Open; but won’t be returning as a full time professional in any capacity.

“I was going to come back and play in the UK Open. I phoned Barry (Hearn) up and said have you got any objections because he was manager for 18 years. Just a one-off thing, I was going to go to Rileys, I was going to come through the back door to have a Rocky moment. I asked Barry and he said he’d have no problems me coming back playing a tournament but as a full time professional I couldn’t, I’m too old. I couldn’t do it.”


Author: Samuel Gill