Team England claimed the Jocky Wilson Memorial Cup this past Saturday in Alloa in a closely fought exhibition vs Scotland.

England comprised the likes of Rob Cross, Glen Durrant, Michael Smith, Tony O’Shea and Darryl Fitton. The Scotland team they faced included Gary Anderson, John Henderson, John Goldie and William Borland.
England picked up the first two wins with Tony O’Shea and Darryl Fitton seeing off Gary Anderson and John Henderson in a pairs game; then it was the turn of Glen Durrant and Rob Cross to see off John Goldie and William Borland.
Joe Cullen extended that run with a four-one victory then Scotland picked up their first two wins. Devon Petersen and Gary Anderson saw off Ian White and Chris Mason respectively by 4-1 scorelines respectively.
It was close until the end from there until Glen Durrant and Darryl Fitton claimed the final two wins to claim the trophy.
Scotland 5-7 England
0-1 Gary Anderson/John Henderson 2-3 Tony O’Shea/Darryl Fitton
0-2 John Goldie/William Borland 2-3 Glen Durrant/Rob Cross
0-3 ? 1-4 Joe Cullen
1-3 Devon Petersen 4-1 Ian White
2-3 Gary Anderson 4-1 Chris Mason
2-4 William Borland 0-4 Michael Smith
3-4 John Henderson 4-3 Chris Dobey
3-5 Kris Glass 1-4 Rob Cross
4-5 Gary Stone 4-0 Jamie Caven
5-5 John Goldie 4-2 Tony O’Shea
5-6 Mike Veitch 1-4 Glen Durrant
5-7 Craig Baxter 1-4 Darryl Fitton

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Author: Samuel Gill