Derk Telnekes and Andy Baetens have won titles in Belgium this weekend. Telnekes defeated Kenny Neyens (3-2) to win the Belgium Open, while Baetens beat Willem Mandigers (3-2) to claim victory at the Belgium Masters. Aileen de Graaf and Deta Hedman both won one of the ladies tournaments.
Mark McGeeney hit a perfect leg during the Belgium Masters in his match against Bert-Jan Mulder. The feat helped him on his way to a 4-2 victory in the third round. Later on the day, the 45-year-old from Stockport lost in the fifth round of the Belgium Masters to Darren Clifford (4-2).
Belgium Open 2017
Last 16
Mark McGeeney 4-0 Martin Adams
Gary Robson 4-3 Fabian Roosenbrand
Derk Telnekes 4-0 Ross Montgomery
Maik Kuivenhoven 4-1 Andy Baetens
Kenny Neyens 4-2 Jamie Hughes
Wesley Harms 4-2 Scott Waites
James Hurrell 4-2 Yoeri Duijster
Wayne Warren 4-1 Conan Whitehead
Gary Robson 5-3 Mark McGeeney
Derk Telnekes 5-2 Maik Kuivenhoven
Kenny Neyens 5-3 Wesley Harms
James Hurrell 5-4 Wayne Warren
Semi final
Derk Telnekes 2-0 Gary Robson
Kenny Neyens 2-1 James Hurrell
Derk Telnekes 3-2 Kenny Neyens
Belgium Masters 2017
Last 16
Darren Clifford – Kyle McKinstry 2-4
Danny Noppert – Richard Veenstra 3-4
Killian van Eenennaam – Willem Mandigers 1-4
Cameron Menzies – Wayne Warren 3-4
Jamie Hughes – James Hurrell 2-4
Christoff Van De Wal – Daniel Day 4-1
Jeffrey Sparidaans – Justin van Tergouw 2-4
Andy Baetens – Geert de Vos 4-1
Kyle McKinstry – Richard Veenstra 4-5
Willem Mandigers – Wayne Warren 5-2
James Hurrell – Christoff van de Wal 5-0
Justin van Tergouw – Andy Baetens 2-5
Semi final
Richard Veenstra – Willem Mandigers 0-2
James Hurrell – Andy Baetens 0-2
Willem Mandigers – Andy Baetens 2-3

Author: Pieter