The full field for the 2018 UK Open is now known after the final Riley’s winners were confirmed.

Among the amateur winners to seal their Minehead spot was John Morris. The stonemason from Wolverhampton received an almighty prize for his success. Morris will take on two-time world champion John Part on the main stage. Paul Whitworth, who played in the 2002 World Matchplay, was a Riley’s Liverpool champion. He plays Martin Atkins in the first round. Martin Biggs, who won in Coventry, is in the UK Open for the second year in a row. He takes on Sheffield qualifier Chris Lacey, with the winner taking on Vincent van der Voort in the second round.

Riley’s South Benfleet winner Andreas Hajimina faces the challenge posed by ‘Rapid’ Ricky Evans in round one. Andy Hibbert, who won through in Nottingham, will play Ron Meulenkamp. Andrew Pullen was the second Wolverhampton qualifier to make it to Minehead. He is joined by Scott Robertson and Darren Brown, who won in Aberdeen and Norwich respectively. Riley’s London Victoria will provide the final pair of amateurs. John Scott appears at a fourth UK Open, while Darryl Pilgrim will make his debut in March.


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Author: Edward McCosh