Football has deep roots in Europe and thus, has its own culture. The continuous movement following the playing seasons; the mood and ambiance that people identify with during a game; the last outcomes of a match depicted by tears of joy or loss are just some of the essential factors that characterize football culture.  These have both consequences both positive and negative with its development

Football as a religion

This sport not only pulls individuals from all over the world together, but it also influences individuals to act in a specific manner. Football has had a description as a secular religion governed by the different rules, heroes, and even the myths that surround it. The belief is not only about the live football game in a stadium, but also to the online gaming platforms that are seemingly on the rise.

In Argentina, a small town Rosario has taken it a step further by founding the Iglesia Maradoniana. It is a church that you can go for a quick player to their football hero Diego Maradona. The denomination dedicates everything to their football legend. The church even comes with its hymn and has its list of the ten commandments.

Football as an Art

Football has gained popularity over the years. In fact, statistics show a rise in 50% in online casino in Arab Countries offering different gaming options including live football streaming and betting. The photography, graphic arts, jerseys, and other player items that characterize any football season literate its artistic nature and the development of its culture.

Different football teams organize different occasions and festivals to celebrate. The Common Ground is such an event and photographers capture the moments with fans, team members and all the activity happening momentarily. They capture individuals and every other action in detail. One can see what kind of impact the team has on the people and the community around them.

During the festival, different team uniforms are hung up. They are later removed and replaced with other artistic shirts. Besides, they introduce banners for the world cup on the next day, indicating the mix-up in national identity when football and culture come together. Countries identify with their team colors and even slogans.

Football as a way of life

Football is ingrained in such a way that even children grow playing it. The community takes it and inducts it into all of its activities identifying with different teams and football players. The way of life can be seen in children playing football on the streets.

It is part of the economy and plays a huge role in politics of the world. People come from far and wide, spending their savings on having a football season experience either for the World Cup, La Liga, and Champions League among others. Some even start football clubs with strict rules, run it, and pass it on to the young generations due to club team loyalty.

Football and Education

Introducing the football game to children is a way of educating them. Education is essential and develops an individual in an intellectual community. Teachers have taken it a step further and are defining football in mathematical terms and giving out statistics aimed at helping players win a game.

They define the perfect football with ball spins, light speed, and the effect of ball design and the pimples on it. They give tips on how to win any issued penalties with the help of playing statistics, and the perfect angle in which to throw a ball. Besides, referees are also advised to move diagonally as a way of maximizing their visual ability during a game.

Football and real life

The commitment that individuals have placed in the football game saw them commit to some answers from a research study. Some said they would starve themselves for a specific period. Others would even quit employment, and others would donate body parts if need be. This is not a positive way of showing loyalty but indicates football impacts.


From the streets to the tabloid screens and gazette covers, football has gained the power to shape the society, individual lives, different nations, and even the world.


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