After splitting from the BDO (British Darts Organisation) in 1992, the Professional Darts Corporation, or simply known as PDC, developed and hosted many tournaments.

The most famous tournaments include the PDC World Championship, the World Matchplay, World Grand Prix, UK Open, Premier League, and Grand Slam. The rankings at PDC are different from the ones at BDO and they are based on the players’ performances. These tournaments are famous because some of the world’s best players are participating and breaking records every day. They are also among punters who never miss a chance to bet on them.

The most famous tournament of them all is the PDC World Championship. Michael van Gerwen won the 2019 World Championship, but who is the most likely player to win the 2020 Championship? The biggest favourites are Peter Wright, Gary Anderson, Rob Cross, and of course, van Gerwen. Every online bookie has betting daily offers where you can get excellent odds. They may come in handy when betting on your favourite. Peter Wright’s odds, for example, are 14/1 and Gary Anderson’s odds are 10/1. Rob Cross comes in second with 9/1, and Michael van Gerwen is the most likely winner with odds coming at 6/4.

Now that we’ve taken an inside look at the most likely winners of the 2020 PDC World Championship that is set to start this December, let’s have a look at the top 3 PDC players. The ranking is based on the PDC Order of Merit – and as we mentioned before, it is a ranking list that is based on the players’ performances and their achievements throughout the years.Let’s have a look at the top 3 players on the Order of Merit, starting from number 3.

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Daryl Gurney

After spending 9 years in BDO from 2004-2013, Daryl Gurney joined the PDC in 2014. His first major breakthrough was in 2016 when he broke into the top 32 on the PDC Order of Merit for the first time. After having two fantastic years and winning the World Grand Prix in 2017 and the Players Championship Finals in 2018, Daryl Gurney reached his career-high ranking on the 3rd spot on the PDC Order of Merit in 2019. Daryl’s total earnings are around £500,000.

Rob Cross

Rob “Voltage” Cross is a 29-year old English darts player and the second player on the PDC ranking list. Rob started his professional darts careers in PDC in 2016, after spending just a year in BDO. He made his PDC World Championship debut in 2018 and won in the final against Phil Taylor.

One interesting thing to mention is that prior to becoming a professional darts player, he was an electrician, hence the nickname Voltage. As of right now, his earnings in the PDC are just below £1 million.

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Michael van Gerwen

When you take a look at total earnings, Michael van Gerwen is the absolute winner in the section. He is ranked 1st on the PDC ranking list with over £1,5 million in prizes. He won the PDC World Championships

in 2014, 2017, and 2019. Michael won the 2006 World Masters and had a nine-dart finish at the 2007 Masters of Darts, becoming the first player to reach both milestones at the age of just 17. Before 2012, the young van Gerwen was struggling with his form because he was too inconsistent. But, that year he had a big breakthrough and went from No. 38 to No.4 in just a year and in 2014 he became the youngest PDC World Championship winner at the age of 24.

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