Robert Thornton the former World Grand Prix champion although not there for the incident has lept to the defence of the former 2x World Champion, Adrian Lewis. ‘The Thorn’ believes what he did was completely out of character and everyone was shocked about it.

For those who don’t know, Lewis was involved in an incident with Jose Justicia on Friday at the UK Open Qualifiers which led to his suspension and according to Thornton, he finds it especially weird as he believes he is the hardest person to wind up.

“I love Adrian to bits, he is the life and soul of the practice room and it’s surprising this has happened.

“Adie is definitely the hardest person to wind up so I don’t know what has exactly set him off like that.

“It’s certainly out of character. He’s a big loveable guy who laughs and jokes with everyone and we’re all shocked about it.

“There are a few rumours going round that they’ve suspended the wrong player but I can’t comment on the exact incident because I wasn’t there.”

Thornton added: “I think Adrian will bounce back from this, he’s far too good a player. It will be harder now if he gets a ban but he’ll still fight on and put it behind him.

“A few years back Adrian helped me through a tough time, I was in a terrible place, but he put his arm round me and was so supportive.

“That’s the sort of guy he is and that’s what makes this so surprising. He’s always there for other people and always gives you a sloppy kiss every time you see him. It’s not like him at all.”


Author: Samuel Gill